With Mark Lambert, Steven Harper, Adriana Salomão, Jimmy Duchowny and Pedro Aune.

Saguibatu. Foto: Bruno Castaing

The combination of the first syllables of each instrument makes up the name of the show: tap dance (“Sapateado” in Portuguese), Guitar, drums (“Bateria” in Portuguese) and Tuba – an unusual formation that instigates an inspired dialogue and the exploration of different sonic possibilities. The show brings together five artists – three Americans and two Brazilians – in the exploration of the territory where dance and music closely intertwine: body becomes music, music becomes dance.

The show is a portrait of the paths taken by these seasoned professionals – the wanderings that led them to weave their lives around different cultures and societies. It reflects the multiplicity, the sum, the wealth, the doubts, the confrontations and the absorption of diverse cultures. The musical script and the languages utilized are a journey along the paths that forged them merging their individual and unique experiences. Jazz, choro, funk, pop, New Orleans second-line, contemporary dance, tap dance, samba, body percussion … at their source they are all one: the celebration of life through dance and music.

Multidisciplinary, Saguibatu can not be easily labeled. Music and dance form its spine, but it is not typically a “dance performance” or a “music show.” Its soul lies in the encounter of the artists involved, the diversity of languages used and the resultant mise-en-scène. Its strength is not imposed by the mixture of languages themselves, but in the way it is done, the scenic arrangement,  and the very force of expression that these experienced artists bring to bear on stage. Saguibatu is the result of their desire to come together, to create together, to dialogue with the art forms that go deep into the soul and to share these discoveries with the public. Certainly here, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.



Different performance formats are available, to be negotiated with the shows producer or director. Steven can dance solo, with or without live music. He can use audio and electronic devices (loop station, trigger with effects, etc) to build his own musical ambiance. He can dance in duo with dancer Adriana Salomão (see videos) and duo or trio with guitarist and singer Mark Lambert. He can also articulate special venues appearances with other performers of different artistic horizons, dancers, musicians and small or large bands, according to the producers intent. 




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